BlueCat® Quality Solutions


  • The BlueCat® system provides a complete AdBlue® Product Range in convenient packages and backed-up by a full technical support network.
  • We offer the expertise and convenience of manufacturing plants in Ireland, UK and Australia and provide a first class product with the very best customer service.
  • We supply nationwide in Ireland and UK with deliveries to meet your requirements.
  • We have local distributors who can deliver direct to you promptly backed-up with nationwide technical backup & support.
  • BlueCat® has the best engineered & most secure & cost-effective dispensing systems to protect product integrity
  • We have a focus on quality with ISO9001:2008 distribution guaranteed to meet ISO 22241 and DIN70070 quality standards for AdBlue®
  • BlueCat® has a VDA License to produce AdBlue® globally.
  • BlueCat® only uses High Purity Urea in AdBlue® production


SCR systems are sensitive to potential chemical impurities in the urea solution. Even small amounts of impurities can severely damage the performance of the SCR system.
BlueCat® only uses High Purity Automotive grade Urea and pure de-ionised water in AdBlue® production
High purity Urea and de-ionised water is necessary to avoid contamination as using lower grade raw materials are a very serious threat to integrity of your vehicle.
Most vehicle manufacturers will not support warranty claims if you use low quality product that has been tampered with and incorrectly handled. Therefore, it is essential to maintain high standards of AdBlue® quality according to the ISO 22241 standards, which are met by BlueCat®.
Using quality product will prevent expensive costs to replace your catalyst.

BlueCat® supplies high quality AdBlue® so you can be sure that your SCR vehicle functions flawlessly.
Each tank is batched and analysed which gives full traceability of the product.