BlueCat® Dos & Don’ts


  • DO use AdBlue® from AdBlue® licensees, registered by VDA
  • DO look for the trademark AdBlue® on display at filling stations and on sealed AdBlue® containers
  • DO protect AdBlue® against any contamination of fuel, oil, water, dust, dirt, metals, detergent by using only sealed equipment
  • DO use dedicated AdBlue® equipment for storage and dispensing
  • DO store the AdBlue® below 30ºC to maintain the shelf life of 12 months
  • DO store the AdBlue® above -11ºC in order to keep the product in liquid form. (Note: AdBlue® can freeze and thaw without any damage to its quality, however, always gently warm up the outside of the container to thaw it)


  • DON’T use AdBlue® from non-VDA registered suppliers
  • DON’T use a product claiming to be AdBlue®, but calling itself “Urea solution” or similar.
  • DON’T use an inferior product, if it doesn’t say AdBlue® on the packaging, it’s not AdBlue®.
  • DON’T use AdBlue® as a diesel additive
  • DON’T add AdBlue® into any fuel tank
  • DON’T operate your vehicle without AdBlue®
  • DON’T use fuel or lubricant equipment, or any other jugs, buckets, funnels or non-dedicated equipment to dispense your AdBlue®
  • DON’T refill used AdBlue® containers such as IBCs and drums with AdBlue®
  • DON’T store AdBlue® in direct sunlight