History – BlueCat®


There are different emission standards around the world, setting specific emission limits for the four main pollutants from diesel engines:-

  • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
  • Particulate Matter (PM)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrocarbons (HC)

In Europe, the first of these Standards came into effect in 1990 and emissions limits are constantly being reduced to improve air quality. The use of AdBlue® came with the introduction of Euro IV in 2005/6 and the latest Euro VI standard will be implemented as from 2013-14.

In the USA, emissions from vehicles are regulated by the Clean Air Act.

In Australia and New Zealand, the emission standards follow those of Europe with a few years delay.

Brockley Group Ltd. purchased the BlueCat® brand in 2007 and immediately commenced production of AdBlue® in Ireland using only the highest grade of Automotive Grade Urea and de-ionised water.

We have constantly upgraded our production facilities and the Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and innovation opened our new eco-friendly and innovative Cleantech production facility in July 2014. The new production facility is located just outside Dublin, near Rathcoole on the N7 (exit 5)

Brockley expanded the BlueCat® brand into Australia in 2012 when they signed a production and marketing agreement with Tru-Blu Oil Pty., based in Bayswater, Melbourne.


History – Brockley Group

Brockley Group, an independent wholly Irish owned company, was established in 1977, based in Howth, Co. Dublin.

It was originally formed to supply products and service the needs of the surface coating industry but has evolved into the leading Irish chemical distributor supplying the Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Electronics, Automotive and General Chemical Manufacturing sectors throughout the island of Ireland.

Certified to ISO-9001:2008 and with their own DGSA, Brockley Group have the products and the service to meet your requirements, no matter how exacting.

Brockley Group works with major manufacturers from around the world and can supply both commodity and specialised chemicals

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